Auto Plaza programs

Auto Services

Vehicle Acceptance is carried out via Plate and Chassis Number
Construction machinery Service maintenance
Work Order and Expert procedures
Exemption procedures within the scope of the automobile insurance
Informing the customers about their vehicle which is in service. (Via SMS & mail)
Spare parts and labor operations
Tracking guaranteed parts
Importing of spare parts list for any brand of vehicle

Auto Sales
Car purchase-sale transactions for every brand and model
Sale and purchase of Construction machinery in all brands
Customs Duty- Vehicle Purchase Tax – Special Consumption Tax (SCT) Transactions
Used vehicle purchase and sale transactions
All transactions can be made in different currencies
Auto Spare Parts
Sale of Auto Parts & Construction Machinery Spare Parts
Product tracking by brand-model and serial number
Equivalent (alternative) product tracking operations
Importing of parts lists for each brand vehicle
All transactions can be made in different currencies

For each class and model auto, car introduction card Ale and Purchase specific to auto dealers through the auto service tracking program, Tracking official transactions Different invoice design for different vehicle types Special procedures such as customs duty, vehicle purchase tax, Special Consumption Tax (SCT) Transactions with different currencies