What is B2B?

B2B (Business to Business) is an e-commerce model. It is among the most frequently used e-commerce models in our country. It refers to e-commerce which is made by a firm on its own or by different companies with each other.

In B2B e-commerce model, buyers and sellers meet on the same website. B2B platforms are the e-commerce portals where the products and services that are desired to be sold are displayed and described online. In these platforms, transactions such as offering quotes, getting and giving quotes can be performed. Similarly, the buyer companies also have the opportunity to evaluate the quotations of the suppliers.

Why Vega WebOrder?

It allows you to increase your sales with unique campaign and coupon applications.
With the Employee Module, it exceeds the limits of B2B application and enables your employees to do business in an organized way.
Mail and Sms Module allows you to be informed of any progress in any issue.
Thanks to iyzico integration, your customers can transfer money over the internet and increase their balances.
You can use the system at any time thanks to the interface compatible with mobile devices.
Multi-language support allows you to serve your overseas customers.
With Sms and Mobil notifications, you can inform your customers, staff and especially yourself about developments.

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