Vega Arctos Cube enables you to check your data from an unlimited number of perspectives. It displays your data in graphic formats such as histogram, bar chart and pie chart. If you wish, it also enables you to illustrate your data in a table. It can also evaluate, compare and filter your sales in many aspects such as Season, Model, Dealer, Product Group and Staff and so on. You can add the graphic you have prepared to your website or a presentation, and your charts are automatically updated as your data is updated. The screenshot of the reports could be taken or they could also be printed. They could also be converted into Table, PDF or Excel format. In this case, the saved reports could be printed by using appropriate programs.After determining the types and use of filters and the areas to be displayed, you can save and reuse all these data. The user determines the areas to be included in the report and the design of the report. Each report has filters that are used to search data according to different kinds of criteria. By using Vega Arctos Cube Professional Reporting, add value to your business with spot-on reports that meet your business needs.


With our Online Shipping Tracking Program that works in integration with Vega Arctos Program, you can have an effective shipping management process. You can request shipping information about the place your shipment is, shipment delivery date, and courier for your shipment purchases. You can manage all these processes within Vega Arctos instead of trying to having access to different websites. When providing invoice, you can create a shipping slip, print labels and send emails and messages to the email address or the phone numbers that are on customer cards.


You can work online with e-commerce websites such as Gittigidiyor, N11, and so on. You can integrate your stock data and orders online.


With Vega Arctos, your payments are completely under your control! Finance management tracks your payment plan and enables you to make the right payments on the right time by listing the authorized payments. By this way, it enables you to make the right financial decisions and to keep your payments under control.