The Program for the Sector

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Restaurants & Cafes & Bars

Vega Software started its activities in the beginning of 2000s in the Restaurant and Catering sector and launched its first restaurant program software in 2002. After the first restaurant automation program version, which showed great success, it launched a new version, Şef'im. Because of many new features and its ease of use, companies gave up using the softwares they use and they started to use Şef’im. Vega Software provides solutions with the Şef’im restaurant program to all problems of the companies that produce and sell food and beverage. From production stages to customer desks, you can access all kinds of information from production prescriptions to losses and make necessary adjustments.

    Şef’im prepared in line with the common demands of the companies operating in this sector makes it possible to do the following:

  • Table, delivery, customer and bill tracking,
  • Selling products with barcode and grammage,
  • Can work in integration with cash register,
  • Can track customer sequence number using Digital LED Board,
  • Can track stock level,
  • Portion inventory tracking during ordering,
  • Can edit brand voucher in FastFood style running businesses,
  • You can take account with payment methods such as cash, Credit Card, Meal Ticket with restaurant bill program and keep their reports separately,
  • You can take account with payment methods such as cash, Credit Card, Meal Ticket with restaurant bill program and keep their reports separately,
  • Can make kitchen, bar and preparation controls,
  • Make a summary print of pay slip and kitchen list,
  • Print an official bill,
  • Can follow the products that have or do not have official bills,
  • Tracking delivery and customer and supporting Caller ID,
  • It provides the tracking of unpaid fees in the open account,
  • It works in coordination with Yemek Sepeti. It transfers orders from Yemek Sepeti to Şef’im Pack Service,
  • Can keep Daily Cash transactions (Input-Output),
  • Can enable Customer Card applications and show when the customers who use Customer card arrive, what they order and how much discount is used,
  • Can show the reasons of discounts, offers and cancellations
  • Can send information messages to the kitchen
  • You can send the current status of the restaurant by sending the Auto Notification Mails, etc. ”In the desired hours of the day”
  • Can calculate the exchange,
  • You can reach your old bills with one button,
  • You can create Happy Hours,
  • You can report all activities on a single page with the end of day report,
  • You can receive functional reports designed for different purposes,
  • It supports the number of people(Women, Men, Children, etc.) creates separate reports,
  • can work Open account and can track all the information of customers with open accounts (Reports),
  • Can respond to open account customers' request to discount (Reconciliation),
  • Can make production control (according to the orders received during the week after reaching the required data),
  • Can receive raw material consumption report,
  • Users can be authorized,
  • You can make discount, offering, and service transactions within the authority.