E-bill is an electronic document type which is determined by Revenue Administration and has the same legal qualities and validity as the printed invoice. According to Article 2 of the general Tax Procedure Law No. 454; the companies with annual turnover above the determined number are obliged to use the next fiscal year and may be used voluntarily if desired. There are many advantages of e-Invoice application: It has benefits for nature, makes the costs cheaper and saves time. If your institution is included in the mandatory taxpayer list, or if you want to get rid of the cost and complexity of using paper bills, you can also switch to e-Invoice application. Whatever your current software, the most appropriate and reliable solutions to your business structure are available in Vega Software. Whatever your current software is, the most appropriate and reliable solutions to your business structure are available in Vega Software.


E-Archive has been implemented with the Tax Procedure Law General Communiqué No. 433, and it is a service that provides the benefit of sending the first copies of the invoices to the customers including the final consumers in electronic environment and also storing the invoices in electronic environment. E-Archive invoice has a lot of advantages for your business: It prevents printed invoice from being lost or damaged, it saves papers and helps you save money and benefits nature; therefore, if you do not have e-archive in your business, you may have losses every other day. The importance of digitalization in trade is increasing every day, and now it has become a necessity. In addition to the benefits it provides, the e-Archive system increases the prestige of your company, and demonstrates your business professionally to the outside world. The most suitable e-Archive solutions for your business are available in Vega Software


The e-Ledger service is a system that enables accounting ledger accounts that are to be printed under the supervision of notary public annually to be prepared, stored and sent to the Revenue Administration electronically. It helps the business to save the cost of storing official documents for decades, and it gives the opportunity to save those official documents under the guarantee of the electronic environment. Moreover, the advantages e-ledger provides to the business by saving time and to nature by avoiding paper waste cannot be ignored. In addition, the advantage of the benefits to the nature cannot be ignored by saving time and avoiding paper waste. VegaGroup e-ledger platform with its independent structure provides you with the best quality of e-ledger solutions regardless of your existing software which you use in your business.


E-Waybill is an electronic document whose data format and standarts are described by Turkish Revenue Administration and which includes information that is to be on waybill by Tax Procedure Law no. 213. It is the center platform between supplier and the customer and it works through Turkish Revenue Administration like e-Bill. E-Waybill is not a new type of document and has the same legal qualifications as paper waybill. Companies that use e-waybill make their processes faster by eliminating paper problems. In addition, like in other e-Transformation services, they also have secure storage in the electronic environment. Vega Software provides you e-waybill solutions with the best quality and service.